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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” 

Maya Angelou

You may be looking at this website because you are suffering from a psychiatric or a neurological condition, or because you are taking care of a loved one with dementia. Whatever the reason, I hope that today you will come one step closer to achieving balance, peace of mind and optimal wellbeing. This website can be your portal for gathering information about support groups, books, articles, services and other resources. 

As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a PhD focused in Geriatric Neurodegenerative Disorders (dementias) it is my goal and privilege to partner with my patients and their families in finding solutions to challenging situations, optimizing medication regiments, utilizing diverse psycho-therapeutic techniques and complimentary/alternative interventions (hypnosis, biofeedback, medicinal foods) for maximizing your emotional and cognitive reserves.


Family Caregiver Support. Caregiving takes many forms, it is a universal occupation. Most of us at some point in our lives will serve as a caregiver. The majority of people living with dementia are cared for at home by family caregivers. Caregivers’ ability to provide high quality care
and keep their care recipient at home often depends on the state of their own health and wellbeing. However, caregivers frequently neglect their physical and mental/emotional health as they make the needs of their care recipients their first priority. Consequently, dementia caregivers experience more physical, cognitive, and psychological stress than do non-caregivers. Stress may increase risks of mortality, hospitalizations, medication use,  poor health, and worse outcomes for care recipients including higher likelihood of residential care placement. Caregiver stress can therefore be seen as a social determinant of health for both caregivers and care recipients. Dr. Sadak specializes in supporting caregivers in optimizing their wellness and reducing stress. Her clinical and scientific work on improving caregiver's quality of life received local and national recognition. For more information please review Services for Dementia Care Partners section. 

Memory Disorders are disorders of cognition, the ability to reason, remember, make decisions and communicate. They can be caused by multiple factors including  conditions such as strokes in the brain, diabetes, high blood pressure, nutritional deficiencies, reactions to medications, systemic inflammation, high load of toxins, hormonal imbalance.... Dr. Sadak received Doctorate and completed 3 Post-Doctorate Fellowships focused on treating dementia and related memory disorders and conducting research studies aimed at developing clinically relevant interventions for people who are living with dementia and for their family/friend care partners. To learn more please review About Dr. Sadak section. 

Geriatric Psychiatry emphasizes the biological and psychological aspects of normal aging, the psychiatric effect of acute and chronic physical illness, and the biological and psychosocial aspects of the pathology of primary psychiatric disturbances of older age. Geriatric psychiatrists focus on prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders in the elderly and improvement of psychiatric care for healthy and ill elderly patients.

Integrative Psychiatry is a combination of traditional and alternative medicine and therapies that aim to identify and to treat the roots of the disease, and/or the core of the problem.

Integrative Psychiatry Goals Include:

1. Optimal mental wellness, not just the absence of disease.
2. Relationships have a healing power. 
3. The body, mind, and environment operate as a whole. 
4. Prevention is the key. 
5. We all have an innate healing power. Our natural state of being is healthy, not sick. 
6. Treatment modalities should be integrated. Hence "integrative" psychiatry. The best of conventional medical and psychiatric diagnostic techniques and treatments can be combined with alternative strategies such as mindfulness, supplements, neurofeedback, biofeedback and other complementary approaches.
7. We have personal responsibility for our health and happiness. Joy, happiness and fulfillment are not things that some medications, psychiatrist or therapist can give you. You must decide that these are goals worth striving for and be willing to let go of negative habits to get them.
8. Individuality should be honored. Not all bodies or minds work the same, and we all have different treatments and techniques that resonate with us. To the utmost degree possible, a person's preferences should be a crucial factor in determining what strategies are used to help him or her.

Adopted from: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/integrative-psychiatry_b_4074874

ReCode: Reversing Cognitive Decline Protocols designed by Dr. Bredesen. These protocols work best for people living with early signs/symptoms of memory loss and for their family/friend caregivers who are experiencing memory problems due to high physical/emotional stress. If you are interested in this very innovative, comprehensive and intensive program, please take a look at the information on our Services for People Living with Dementia section. Dr. Sadak trained with Dr. Bredesen and is certified in ReCode. 

Medical Genetics is a method of understanding how variations in an individual’s DNA may affect disease and health. This knowledge can lead to: prevention, early detection, diagnosis,  tailored treatment.  Nutrigenomics the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease. For more information about genetic testing please review Genetics and Nutrigenomics section.

Gut Microbiome - Mental - Cognitive Health Interactions. Microbiome - all the microbes in a community (eg. gut, skin). The human microbiome (all of our microbes’ genes) can be considered a counterpart to the human genome (all of our genes). The genes in our microbiome outnumber the genes in our genome by about 100 to 1.  For more information about microbiome testing please review Gut Health = Healthy Brain section. 

Dr. Sadak is certified in Medical Genetics by DNA Life and is currently pursuing advanced training in Genomics through the Centre for Translational Genomics.

If you decide to establish care at the Psychiatric Wellness and Dementia Care, LLC Clinic we will work together towards amplifying your overall wellbeing and improving your quality of life. I look forward to working with you towards achieving your goals.

Please call or email me for an individual in-person or video-conference (telemedicine) appointment, dementia patient/caregiver dyad assessments, couples or family therapy consultation today.

In the News: 

The Gerontological Society of America Selects 2018 Fellows

The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) — the nation’s largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to the field of aging — has named exemplary professionals as its newest fellows. The status of fellow — the highest class of membership within the Society — is an acknowledgment of outstanding and continuing work in gerontology. This recognition can come at varying points in an individual’s career and can acknowledge a broad scope of activity. This includes research, teaching, administration, public service, practice, and notable participation within the organization. Fellows are chosen from each of GSA’s four membership sections.

Health Sciences Section
Tatiana Sadak, PhD, University of Washington School of Nursing

The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) is the nation's oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to research, education, and practice in the field of aging. The principal mission of the Society — and its 5,500+ members — is to advance the study of aging and disseminate information among scientists, decision makers, and the general public. GSA’s structure also includes a policy institute, the National Academy on an Aging Society, and an educational unit, the Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education.



Top Doctors 2017

Our 12th annual list of the best health care professionals in the Seattle area features 791 doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and more in 100 specialties.

How We Made the List 

Seattle Met partnered with the Professional Research Services survey company to poll health care practitioners licensed by the Washington State Department of Health in King, Snohomish, Kitsap, and Pierce Counties, asking, “If you or a loved one needed care, whom would you choose?” Voters nominated their most esteemed peers based on years of experience, competency, rapport with patients, patient satisfaction and compliance with care recommendations, and ability to work effectively with colleagues across specialties to deliver the best patient care. The top vote recipients were vetted with the DOH to ensure good standing before inclusion on the list, which is excerpted here alphabetically by specialty. Suite numbers have been omitted and practice names have been abbreviated for space; suite numbers and full practice names can be found in our interactive database. This list of Top Doctors, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners should be viewed as just one of many resources to consult when seeking the best care. 



20 September 2017

Cambia Health Foundation Announces 10 New Sojourns Scholars to Advance Palliative Care

Elite group of physicians and nurses demonstrate strong leadership potential and commitment to expanding palliative care

The Cambia Health Foundation has announced the acceptance of 10 new physicians and nurses into the Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program, the Foundation’s signature program to develop emerging palliative care leaders. With this new cohort, Cambia has now committed $7.2 million to cultivate 40 Sojourns Scholars from across the country who are working to advance palliative care. 
The Sojourns Scholar program addresses a critical workforce development need and supports access to palliative care services. According to a 2016 report in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, “One-third of U.S. hospitals report no palliative care services of any kind, and access to palliative care in community settings (home, nursing home, assisted living) is limited for people who are not hospice-eligible. As a result, most people with serious illness are unlikely to receive the care they need throughout their course of illness.” Addressing these issues requires leadership, and by creating the Sojourns program, the Foundation has taken an active role in shaping the future.   
The Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program is an initiative designed to identify, cultivate and advance the next generation of palliative care leaders. The new cohort was chosen following a rigorous selection process centered on their commitment to advancing the field of palliative care. Each scholar receives a two-year, $180,000 grant to support research, clinical, educational or policy projects. Scholars also receive one-to-one mentoring support and leadership training.   
“The Cambia Health Foundation is focused on improving the consumer experience from birth through completion of life. Palliative care is inherently person-focused, and investing in future leaders ensures that people and families facing series illness are supported,” said Peggy Maguire, president and board chair, Cambia Health Foundation. “It is our hope that the seed that has been planted with these future leaders will inspire a workforce that delivers patient- and family-centered care across the entire nation.” 

About Cambia Health Foundation 
Based in Portland, Ore., Cambia Health Foundation is the corporate Foundation of Cambia Health Solutions, a total health solutions company dedicated to transforming the way people experience health care. Founded in 2007, Cambia Health Foundation awards grants in three program areas: Sojourns (Palliative Care workforce and leadership development, quality, access and awareness), Transforming Health Care and Children’s Behavioral Health. The Foundation has funded over $51 million in grants to advance patient- and family-centered care for all. Learn more at www.cambiahealthfoundation.org, and follow us on Twitter: @CambiaHealthFdn.

Tatiana Sadak. University of Washington

Web-Based Dementia Palliative Care Assessment and Resource Hub

This project aims to improve access to foundational palliative care assessment, information and resources for family members and friends caring for people living with dementia. We plan to create an interactive web portal that will contain: a) instruments for care-giver self-assessment of stress, readiness, preparedness, and activation for assuming increasingly complex caregiving tasks and for managing the care recipient's health while maintaining personal wellness; b) a personalized, assessment-based caregiver care plan, including tailored resilience coaching and links to relevant resources from the National Library of Medicine; and c) a targeted list of discussion questions for caregivers and health care providers. We propose to create and pilot test the portal with focus groups of family caregivers and clinicians. This project will allow for a fast transition from generating research evidence to broadly disseminating best practices and getting these much-needed tools into the hands of caregivers and clinicians of people living with dementia.

“My vision of the future is to lead the effort to define, operationalize and broadly implement dementia palliative care pathways and programs in ambulatory, inpatient, and community settings. My ultimate goal is to lead interdisciplinary local, national and international efforts in translating and enhancing uptake and integration of dementia palliative care interventions that will culminate in the development of new policies and financial incentives for health care systems to provide comprehensive holistic dementia care.”



Award for a Distinguished Single research manuscript


Dr. Sadak Honored
November 18, 2016

Dr. T. Sadak and colleagues have received a SPRINGER PUBLISHING COMPANY Geriatric/Gerontological Nursing Award for a Distinguished Single research manuscript addressing Geriatric/Gerontological Nursing.

This award is made to a gerontological nurse researcher for a single published work which in the opinion of the reviewers reflects outstanding scholarship with the use of a comprehensive methodology to study a particular gerontological nursing problem, the results of which have the potential to improve the care of older adults.

The award was presented at the Nursing Care of Older Adults Interest Group Meeting at the Gerontological Society of America meeting in New Orleans on November 18th by Sheri Sussman Editorial at Springer Publishing Company.

J Appl Gerontol. 2016 Jul 5. pii: 0733464816657472. [Epub ahead of print]
Managing Your Loved One's Health: Development of a New Care Management Measure for Dementia Family Caregivers.
Sadak T, Wright J, Borson S.


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