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Home Safety Tool Kit



Comprehensive resource for family/friend care partners (e.g. how to provide comprehensive care, how to get paid for caregiving, how to prepare for medical appointments, what questions to ask the doctor)


World Health Organization , free on-line caregiver training iSupport https://www.isupportfordementi...

Helps provide good care and to care for yourself. Topics include: understanding the impact of dementia, addressing difficult behaviors, providing good care, taking care of yourself.

Free on-line stress management course for dementia caregivers. iCare

The iCare Program is a stress management skills training for caregivers of individuals with memory problems, funded by the National Institute on Aging. In collaboration with Stanford University, the Alzheimer's Association and other organizations, we have created online training videos to help caregivers to communicate better and overcome stressful situations in their caregiver role. The goal of this program is to teach skills, provide tools and resources, in order to enhance the coping with caregiving and improve the quality of life.

Smiling women

"Caring for someone with Alzheimer's can make you feel alone.

Now, I've found others like me."

On-line support groups and forums for people who are living with dementia and for their family caregivers:

In-person support groups:


Philosophy : what a person with dementia needs most of all is a friend, a “Best Friend.”

Building Blocks:

1.    Recognizing the basic rights of a person with dementia.

2.    Understanding what it’s like to have dementia. Behaviors seem less strange or unreasonable when you understand that dementia impacts the brain.

3.    Knowing and using the person’s Life Story.

4.    Knowing just what to say when communication is breaking down.

5.    Developing the ‘Knack’ of great dementia care. Knack is the “art of doing difficult things with ease,” or “clever tricks and strategies.”

6.    Experiencing meaningful engagement throughout the day.

7.    Recasting the relationship and your language from staff to Best Friend.

Alzheimer's Assocaition Free training for Family/Friend care partners



Best Practice Caregiving: Database of Proven Dementia Programs for Organizations That Support Family Caregivers. The John A Hartford Foundation.

Best Practice Caregiving. Guiding organizations to dementia programs for family caregivers.

Evidence based Leadership Council. Chronic Disease Medical Management Programs.

Self Management Resource Center. Building Better Caregivers Program.

Care Interventions for Individuals with Dementia and Their Caregivers. The National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine. https://www.nationalacademies....

Dementia Care Practice Recommendations. Alzheimer's Association.

Care Interventions for People With Dementia (PWD) and Their Caregivers


Family caregiver Alliance. 12 Remote-Delivery Programs for Organizations that support Dementia Caregivers.

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